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If you're looking for numbers to bet on and want to keep track of your session position then perhaps the Balance Builder Roulette utility is for you. I like to take small amounts of profit and use a PROFIT & STOP! style of betting as that works best for me. We are all different and will use the app in various ways.

The Balance Builder Roulette Utility is available to use for FREE
for a short period of time, please see details below.

To use the Balance Builder Roulette utility click OPTION 2 below & input the passcode.

The software is browser based, you will need access to the internet to use it.
It works on any device, mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop computer.

OPTION 2 Passcode is: 989096

IMPORTANT: Please note I've won, lost and broke even using all the games built into the Balance Builder Roulette utility.

Click on SCOPE, COLD, HOT, BALANCE BUILDER roulette or Trend19 below to view the tutorial on YouTube.

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Hello GiK,
I hit on my first spin and that paid for the cost of the app. Well worth the investment thank you.

Great looking utility, profit & stop is definitely the way to go. Cheers pal.

I made my money back in three hits, generated a further €50 in my first session. The bet selection to return is a good ratio, giving enough opportunity to gain profit. I will definitely recommend to others. Thanks


Well so far, I have found the balance builder to be really useful and effective, I set my goals like this.

I play 5 games but stop if I hit my daily target or hit my stop loss, so far I can say that I usually hit my target about 7/10 times so yes I am making a profit.

The main thing is to be disciplined and follow strict stop wins and stop loss and you won't go far wrong.

There are 5 games to play and having played each of them I do prefer the Balance builder game as it suits my risk factor.

Overall, I would recommend this utility if you want an app that picks the numbers to bet on

Many Thanks.

Hello Groundiskey,
Just to let you know your software does the job if I'm playing carefully.
Some wins some losses but more wins if I'm no too greedy :)
Overall I'm happy with the Balance Builder.